FreshSCRT: Azure redundant infrastruc... Visit Site  

FreshSCRT: Azure redundant infrastruc... Visit Site  
Owner secretvaloper182dg8p7nshdjjt5sypcx6hw9p8vlwqpntpm5k6
Address 6AFCF9EB1AC264954C784274A6ABF012D50EB0B6
Account secret182dg8p7nshdjjt5sypcx6hw9p8vlwqpn6x4fmn
Description FreshSCRTs runs on the Azure cloud with geographically distributed private sentry nodes, hardware protected keys, 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and analytics.
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DataHub - Secret Network Integration
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Current Stake Value $441,745.08 USD
Current Voting Power 1,051,774 SCRT
% of Supply Locked 0.892%
Delegators 17
Commission Rate 10.000%
Rate Change ±5.000%
Max Commission 50.000%